Are you ready?

Welcome to AFOW 2016! Join us this Fall and embark on a 4 day journey along with 600 of your peers. Our team has worked extremely hard to make sure AFOW is unforgettable.


What is AFOW?

AFOW is an orientation week dedicated to students belonging to the School of Accounting and Finance. This gives upcoming students a chance to create new friendships in a safe and inclusive environment.

Your Journey!

Each day of AFOW has been carefully planned for your enjoyment. This includes hanging out with your friends at the carnival to dressing up for a fun night out at our semi- formal.

When is it?

AFOW takes place around the second week of school. Our activities have been specifically planned around first year’s schedules so you don’t have to worry about missing class.

How can I join?

In order to participate you must register and a purchase ticket which is not included in your general orientation fee. We recommend purchasing early bird tickets to save fees!

We want you!

This unique opportunity will allow you to meet people from all across the School of Accounting and Finance through adventurous and fun-filled events. You don’t want to miss out!

A beautiful experience!

Come join us and have a fabulous time at the Accounting and Finance Orientation Week 2016!

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Get Connected!
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Dont take our word for it…

What other say about us!

Allen Wang

You’re going to spend the next couple of years in AFM and become close with so many amazing people during these years. AFOW gives you that chance to start meeting your peers and upper year students right away. The exec team has worked tirelessly to plan an unforgettable week, so do the most you can and enjoy it!

Allen WangPresident of Accounting and Finance Student Association 2017UW AFSA
Michael Cheung

AFOW will give you the opportunity to make lasting memories, new friends and meet upper years even before the school year starts! With a week of amazingly lined up activities and games, you’ll be able to feel why the School of Accounting and Finance is so unique and why we are such a tight knit family.

Michael CheungCo-head of hEDGE Finance Association 2016hEDGE
Lily Sun & Anqi Liu

AFOW enabled us to really get to know the students of the School of Accounting and Finance and was really the first event where we were able to build connections with students that we now see as our closest friends and valued mentors. The activities were super unique and fun and getting food at many of the events was definitely a plus!

Lily Sun & Anqi LiuCo-Heads of UWAC 2016UWAC
Supriya Gopalan & Jasmit Bhatti

AFOW was one of our most memorable experiences in first year. Not only was it our first interaction with the SAF community, it was also where we met some of our closest friends. Our unforgettable experience in first year inspired us to stay involved throughout our years in university, and now we have the privilege of planning it!

Supriya Gopalan & Jasmit BhattiCo-Heads of AFOW 2015AFOW
Jordan Lee

AFOW provides first-year students with an amazing opportunity to meet their fellow classmates, as well as upper-year students, through a variety of different fun events and games.  By attending AFOW, students will learn more about the culture within SAF and develop long-lasting relationships with other individuals.

Jordan LeeCo-President, DECA 2016UWDECA
Annu Puri, Jacqueline Sue, Kevin Zhao, Tracy Le

AFOW allowed us to step out of our comfort zone and build relationships that helped us survive first year! The SAF community is close-knit and supportive towards each other, especially towards first years during the orientation and club crawl events.There will always be an upper year or faculty member who is willing to guide you throughout your undergraduate journey.

Annu Puri, Jacqueline Sue, Kevin Zhao, Tracy LeManaging Directors, ACE Consulting 2016ACE